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How to Choose the Best Dental Clinic Turkey?

Turkey has become one of the largest and most preferred destinations for dental treatments and aesthetic dentistry. Especially within the scope of aesthetic dentistry, many foreign patients visit our country for smile design. So how to choose the right dental clinic at this point? You see a lot of advertisements every day, a lot of clinics are promoting themselves as we are the best by bringing celebrities with money. In Google, many clinics are trying to show themselves to you with sponsored ads.

In the light of all this, you may be asking what criteria should I look for in order to choose a suitable dental clinic. There are several criteria for this. In this article, we will tell you the important points that will shed light on how to choose the right dental clinic in Turkey.

Is it a good idea to have dental treatment in Turkey?

Considering the patients traveling internationally for dental treatment in health tourism, Turkish dentists are shown among the best in the world in dentistry. The city of Antalya, which is one of the most popular places in tourism and most preferred for holidays in Turkey, is the shining star of dentistry. Here, many dental centers and specialist dentists serve their patients from all over the world.

Technological Hardware and Dental Clinics

Smile Design in TurkeyWith the development of technology, the field of dentistry has developed day by day. Procedures that used to take months are now completed in a day for some treatments and in a week for some treatments. When researching a dental clinic in Turkey, you should always question the technologies it uses.

Clinics should also be examined separately. The quality of the materials used is important in terms of infection prevention. While meeting with many dental clinics, sometimes you may encounter people we call fugitive, as in many other places. These people try to bring patients to clinics in different ways. That’s why you should definitely know which clinic you came to, you should pay attention to the logos in the clinic and the name of the clinic.

With Dental Clinic Turkey, you benefit from the latest technology services.

Professional Service and Treatment Results

The reward for professional service is happy patients. The patient constantly talks about the quality of the service he received during and after the treatment process. Many clinicians say that their results are the best and that they give the best treatment. However, what matters is what patients say about us. Comments, photos, patient information, videos should be checked, and even directly talking to patients who have been treated in the clinic are among the most effective methods.

Wherever you go in the world, although there are not 100% happy patients, it is necessary to examine the ratio of satisfied patients to complaints. It should be paid attention to what the dissatisfied patients complain about. Some reviews may be fake, so detailed reviews are important.

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Services Offered by the Dental Clinic

The dental clinics in Turkey, which host patients from many countries of the world, know how to meet the needs of international patients. However, what is not known is that each country has its own dynamics. You can find many services that reflect the hospitality, which is one of the most basic elements of our country, in the clinics. In addition to your treatment, many services such as transfer service and accommodation will be included.

As Dental Clinic Turkey, you deal with staff who speak your native language. Our constantly working English, French, German, Russian and Arabic speaking consultants are there to ensure that you are comfortable while receiving your treatment services and that you can only focus on your treatment.

Warranty Certificate and Health Complications Insurance

Sometimes you may encounter unexpected problems after treatments or have problems with procedures. The important thing is the warranty coverage created by the clinic accordingly. You should review the warranty coverages given to you. At Dental Clinic Turkey, all procedures are carried out under warranty and all certificates are given to our patients. In addition, for our patients who prefer, health complication insurance is offered to the patient. Our accepting patients can benefit from insurance for the problems they encounter in this context.

Health Tourism Certificate

Make sure that a dental clinic or agency you work with is accredited. In order to obtain an accreditation certificate by the Ministry of Health, clinics must meet certain criteria.

In order for you to choose the right dental clinic in Turkey, you need to make sure that your options fully meet the above criteria. It is actually very easy to reach clinics that meet these criteria by doing a little research. Your clinical research, which provides all the equipment in accordance with the hygiene rules in the best way, hosts legally working and expert dentists, means that the results of your procedure will be successful.

Prices are also important when researching a clinic. Some clinics are extremely cheap, while some clinics are really expensive. The reason for this is related to the quality of the materials used. Cheap is not always good. This also applies to more expensive offers. Reading patient reviews and evaluating before and after pictures will enlighten you.

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