Aesthetic Tooth Filling

What is Aesthetic Tooth Filling?

Aesthetic filling, also called composite filling, is a filling option that provides an extremely natural tooth appearance. The design is made according to the color and shape of the tooth, and then the filling application is made. Especially this type of dental fillings are the first choice of those who care about aesthetics in their teeth.

Different materials are used in this filling that captures the appearance of natural teeth. It differs from other fillings in terms of material and application. It is very popular as the most advanced dental filling method. Aesthetic filling is so good that it cannot be distinguished from natural tooth semen. It is in the same design as the tooth semen.

While the natural tooth appearance is achieved, the filling is very solid and useful. The filling is incomprehensible when viewed from the outside. It looks like part of natural tooth semen. The most important difference of the aesthetic tooth phenomenon is that it is made like a natural tooth. With the developing aesthetic dental health options today, it is possible to have teeth as if they were natural and have never been lost.

Who Is Aesthetic Tooth Filling Necessary?

Aesthetic Composite Filling
Composite Bonding

Aesthetic filling can be recommended for anyone experiencing tooth damage. Because this filling allows the teeth to maintain their natural structure. Aesthetic tooth filling can be preferred in case of tooth loss and bruises. It can be applied to all damaged teeth. It treats damages such as rot, breakage in an aesthetic way.

Dental aesthetic filling is one of the modern dental solutions that can be made for everyone. With the modern aesthetic filling, oral and dental health is also completed in terms of aesthetics. Other dental fillings may grin when laughing and talking. However, the aesthetic filling is completely imposed on the tooth and does not grin.

Aesthetic dental filling treatment can be applied to anyone whose teeth have been damaged for any reason. It is a much more advantageous choice for people who have problems in their front teeth to have aesthetic fillings. Aesthetic filling is recommended for everyone who wants their teeth to be natural and like their own teeth. We also recommend this modern treatment method for people who have teeth that are worn out due to damage such as decay or breakage or who have deformed teeth.

As Dental Clinic Turkey, we offer our services with the importance we give to oral and dental health. We conduct all our treatments based on high technology and quality standards. You can always call us to get information about aesthetic dental filling.

How Is Aesthetic Tooth Filling Made?

Aesthetic tooth filling, which can be performed in a single session, is a very simple procedure. First of all, the part to be filled is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Damaged teeth are cleaned. Bruises are cleaned. Then the cavity filling material is shaped. With the beveling application, the filling material is more firmly attached to the tooth. Tooth enamel is made smooth. With the bonding application, the material is bonded to the tooth enamel. Then the filling material is applied to the required part of the tooth. Irradiation is done to reach the ideal hardness of the filling. Finally, if there is any excess in the tooth, it is corrected. The process is finished by polishing the teeth. During this time, the patient does not experience pain or heaviness. It is a very simple and convenient application.

How Long Does Front Teeth Aesthetic Tooth Filling Last?

Composite fillings are aesthetic fillings applied with special materials. It would be correct to renew these extremely durable fillings every 5 to 7 years. Taking care of the teeth and oral health after the filling prolongs the life of the filling. Therefore, it is necessary to be more careful after filling.

By paying attention to your oral and dental health, you can use your aesthetic dental fillings comfortably for many years with the first performance. Such fillings are often preferred because they are not understood in the mouth. Although it has a slightly shorter lifespan than other fillings, this problem disappears with regeneration. After having the anterior tooth aesthetic filling, it is possible to use aesthetic fillings for many years by paying attention to eating, drinking and oral care.

How Are The Prices Of Aesthetic Tooth Filling?

Aesthetic dental filling is a very advantageous solution. The filling, which has the appearance of natural teeth, is incomprehensible when viewed from the outside. No difference is seen on the real tooth. Aesthetic tooth filling prices also offer affordable options. You can contact us to have a long-lasting and useful aesthetic filling at an affordable price.

You can determine the most appropriate treatment methods by getting ideas from our specialist doctors.

Especially if the front teeth are deformed, aesthetic tooth filling stands out as the best solution. You can benefit from our expert support to achieve the best results in aesthetic dental fillings at the best prices. You can also discover our privileged opportunities for high quality dental treatment at affordable prices and aesthetic tooth filling comments. Root canal treatment is used for teeth that cannot be treated with filling. Implant treatment is a suitable solution for completely missing teeth.

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