Zirconium Crowns

zirconium crowns and zirconium veneer

Zirconium Crowns

Made of ceramic or porcelain material, zirconium is a shiny and solid element. Zirconium tooth crown consists of a white material and does not contain metal. It is used by dentists for coating the tooth surfaces of people who want to have an aesthetic smile and white teeth.

Zirconium Crowns is a white alloy applied instead of gray metal, which is the infrastructure of classical porcelain bridges and prostheses made by individuals due to lack of teeth in their mouths. Among the main reasons for the use of Zirconium, apart from aesthetic purposes,

Apart from these, Zirconium is used in split, crooked, turned teeth and old fillings whose structure has been deteriorated due to long-term use. Since zirconium has a light permeable structure, an appearance suitable for the natural structure of the teeth is obtained. As it is known, the enamel of healthy teeth is in a structure that allows light to pass completely. Zirconium veneers allow a more vivid and radiant appearance to be obtained, in contrast to the lifeless and artificial appearance created by the metal, which is the substructure of the classical porcelain veneer.

Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium dental crowns are generally processed in the form of porcelain veneers. The pure mineral state of the zirconium used during this coating process is made into zirconia ceramics by going through some processes and then processed in special furnaces and used for teeth. In addition to being an aesthetic application, it is applied for discoloration or hereditary color changes in the teeth. For teeth that cannot be solved by whitening methods, zirconium dental crowns provide very effective results.

What is Zirconium Crown?

Zirconium crown application is performed by specialist physicians for those who want to have a more aesthetic smile. Zirconium, which is used in tooth making and has a white color, is an application in which very successful results are revealed. In cases where teeth whitening methods are helpless, zirconium comes into play and provides the desired images on the teeth. In addition, zirconium tooth coating also brings many advantages.

What are the advantages?

Patients prefer zirconium because of the advantages of the treatment. It takes shape easily and can be easily turned into white color. They are artificial teeth with the most similar structure to the main teeth due to their natural appearance. They do not contain metal and can remain safely in the mouth for many years. They are not sensitive  because they are extremely resistant to hot and cold.

What are the disadvantages?

It is not suitable for use in long tooth gaps (when the missing number of the patient is side by side and in large numbers).

Do zirconium teeth change color?

Zirconium crown treatment you can  determine the tooth color with the scale you prefer, or when you want very white teeth, you can ask the dentist to apply this color.

The surface of zirconium crowns is smooth and slippery. Thanks to this feature, it does not cause tartar formation. Since the food residues cannot hold onto the teeth, there is no color change. It cannot change the color of the zirconium coating in foods such as cigarettes, tea and coffee.

Frequently asked questions about zirconium crowns

  1. How is Zirconium dental treatment done?

As a priority process, the patient’s teeth are measured in order to prepare the teeth suitable for the patient’s oral structure. Then the mouth and teeth are cleaned and the zirconium teeth prepared according to the tooth size taken from the patient are adhered to the determined area.

  1. How are zirconium coatings applied?

Cutting operations are performed under local anesthesia, and then a temporary tooth-colored coating is applied to prevent stinging in hot and cold temperatures. A slight tingling is seen in very few of the patients, and the process is completed without any problems in general.

  1. To whom can Zirconium coating be applied?

Zirconium crown can be applied to permanent teeth. Since there will be various changes in the dental arch during the growth and development phase, the zirconium crown made in this phase may need to be renewed later.

  1. How long can Zirconium crowns be used?

You can use it for many years when regular checks are made. An exact time cannot be given for how long. Teeth are living tissues and shape changes are observed due to wear and eruption over time. Overtime no change happens in Zirconium crowns . It may need to be renewed to adapt it to the changed mouth.

  1. How is the gingival compatibility of zirconium teeth?

It is a material compatible with the texture. Purple discoloration never occurs on the gingiva in the neck area of ​​the tooth, which is seen in metal-supported prostheses. It does not cause gum recession. If the gums are pulled due to reasons such as incorrect brushing, it does not create an aesthetically bad appearance.

  1. Will I feel pain during the procedures?

You will not feel any pain while applying zirconium veneers. It does not cause tissue loss in teeth