Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Are you one of those who dream of an instant white smile? With the right dental care habits and the use of quality products, it is possible to have white teeth that shine. We know that a lot has been said about this subject, but sometimes the key to white teeth is just a few simple tricks that we can easily fit into the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Take a look at our articles below to learn about the various teeth whitening techniques that can be applied both professionally and at home. We are with you on the causes of discoloration of the teeth, the causes of yellowing teeth, ways to whiten your teeth and many more.

Remember, an instant white smile takes more than just white teeth. Proper oral health is most important of all. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Teeth Whitening?

The procedures performed to remove darker than normal teeth due to the enamel and dentin structure and the discoloration occurring on them for various reasons are called Teeth Whitening-Bleaching.

With the teeth whitening process, up to 5-7 tons of whitening can be achieved harmlessly.

The materials used during teeth whitening are for professional use and are made with personalized medicines after the dentist’s examination.

The agents sold in cosmetics that are not made under the control of the dentist are very ineffective and can damage the tooth structures.

Food residues accumulating on the teeth, staining due to tea – coffee – smoking and brushing habits are cleaned with dental calculus and plaque cleaning to be done in the practice and polishing to be done afterwards. After these procedures, the teeth are ready for teeth whitening.

Bleaching is done in 2 ways:

Home Bleaching (Applied at Home): It is the method that you will apply at home with the guidance and instructions of your dentist. A personalized whitening plate is prepared with the measurement taken from the patient’s mouth. When you go to bed at night, a water-based whitening drug is placed in this plaque and whitening is obtained with the plaque and the drug that remains in the mouth all night. This process is applied for 7-10 days depending on the amount of whitening of the teeth and the desired result.

Office Bleaching (Applied in the Clinic): It is the whitening process applied by the dentist when whitening is desired to be fast. The gums are isolated, the drug is applied on the teeth, and the blue light used in radiation fillings is applied to them to increase the effectiveness of the drug. The procedure is terminated when the desired whiteness is achieved after repeated sessions. However, recent research recommends continuing the home-type teeth whitening method as a supplement after office-type teeth whitening.

What should be considered in Bleaching Treatment?

Bleaching is a procedure that must be performed under the control of the Dentist, strictly following the instructions.

The cavities, cracks, broken areas in the teeth can cause the chemical substance used to act on these and cause damage. Such dental problems must be eliminated before the whitening process.

Coloring foods such as tea, coffee, and cigarettes should be avoided during the bleaching process, and regular brushing and maintenance procedures should be applied carefully.

One Note:

If you are experiencing the following problems, you will also need Aesthetic Dentistry and smile design.

Teeth whitening and the use of pure ceramics (porcelain) or reinforced ceramics (porcelain) with natural light transmittance are the leading treatments to be offered to patients who come to solve these problems. Zirconium, Emax, Empress, Lamina applications are the first choices offered to patients. In order to meet the aesthetic expectation, it is required that the ceramics used in Dental Clinic Turkey have a high tissue compatibility.

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