Implant Treatment Packages

Full Mouth Implant Treatment Packages

Implant treatment is titanium screws placed in the jawbone instead of missing teeth in the mouth. Full mouth implant treatment, on the other hand, is a type of implant applied to all teeth by renewing the inside of the mouth as it is. In this type of implant, the missing teeth are filled with surgical tools such as bridges and chrome placed in place of the screws.

How is Full Mouth Dental Implant applied?

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All on 6 Implants Packages in Turkey

First of all, the medical history of the person who will receive implant treatment is examined and a consultation is made. With the help of three-dimensional x-rays, the suitability of the treatment to the bone is determined. On these x-rays, the specialist physician determines the diameter and length of the implant by making certain measurements. As a result of these analyzes, the procedure can be started under local anesthesia. Slots are opened for the placement of implants in the jawbone, which is located in the substructure of the teeth, and surgical intervention takes place. After the full mouth dental implant is performed, the stitches are removed as the last step and the process is completed.

Benefits of Full Mouth Implant Treatment

The biggest advantage of full mouth dental implant application is to completely end the toothlessness problem. In people who do not retain the prosthesis in their teeth due to vitamin deficiency in the bone, the implant is placed and its connection to the prosthesis is created. In this way, its retention and strength are increased. These implants can be used for life like natural teeth.

When viewed from the outside, it offers a very aesthetic appearance and makes the facial features clear. It is a very reliable treatment method in terms of durability and strength. If dental and oral care is continued regularly, it does not cause any problems to the patient. Hygiene is very important in this surgical intervention, which is performed in very simple ways and in a comfortable way. In the process after the treatment, the patient should continue his personal hygiene from where he left off and pay attention to the sugar content of the foods he consumes.

Things to Consider in Full Mouth Implant Treatment

Firstly; It is very important that the examinations and tests performed by the maxillofacial surgeon are done completely. In this way, treatment planning is carried out and implementation begins. In the first observations and analyzes, the person’s jaw bone structures, intraoral availability and dimensions are determined. If the patient’s oral dimensions and bone structure are suitable for full mouth dental implant treatment, the procedures can be started easily.

Patients with diabetes, blood pressure, chronic and heart diseases should first get approval from their specialist physicians. Treatment should be started with the certificates of conformity received.

Effects of Full Oral Implant Surgery on Social Life

One of the most obvious and basic reasons for implant treatments is the restoration of the main teeth that people have lost. Health problems, which greatly affect our social life, maintain their place in our lives at this point.

In addition to the pain that occurs before the treatment, it also allows the person to isolate himself from the society in terms of aesthetics.

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Full Mouth Implant Surgery

The benefits of full implant treatment and the effects it brings to people are quite high. In addition to the positive energy that this treatment brings to the life of the person, the task of the teeth is continued completely. In this way, artificial tooth roots are used without any problems, and it does not cause any health problems to the person. With this treatment, a painless and comfortable life can be maintained without removable prostheses.

Today, it is known by everyone that this treatment is accepted as the type of treatment that provides the closest appearance to natural teeth.

Full mouth implant treatment provides more comfortable speech and chewing function compared to other methods. With this method, the smile on your face gets a flawless and natural look. The planning and course of decision making in this process is very important. The slightest mistake made on the path followed can cause much more trouble to the person than he thinks.

In the planning created by the specialist physician, the course should be slow, cautious and controlled. The patient’s comfort in the treatment and his confidence in the doctor ensure that the surgical intervention is finished more easily. You can also go step by step to perfect smiles with the expert doctors of our company and enjoy a comfortable treatment.

How much are full mouth dental implant prices with Dental Clinic Turkey?

Full mouth dental implant prices depend on the dental clinic you intend to perform the treatment (i.e., the knowledge and experience of the dentists), the number, characteristics and brand of dental implants used for treatment, whether procedures such as grafting, sinus lifting, which create extra costs before the implant treatment, will be performed, and the structure to be placed on the implant. will differ accordingly.

Our recommendation is that you should be examined before researching dental implant prices and then do a price research.

Our patients coming from abroad should first plan the process in a long-term manner while conducting clinical research. We do not use domestic implants in our clinic, especially for our patients coming from abroad. The reason for this is that when you return to your country and encounter a long-term problem, your implants should be known and intervened by the doctors of your country.

Our Current Full Mouth Implant Packages

Package 1 – Osteem Dental Implant – All on 4 / 3300 EUR

4 Osteem Implant for upper jaw
4 Osteem Implant for lower jaw
8 Multiunits
Temporary Dentures

Package 2 – Osteem Dental Implant – All on 6 / 4500 EUR

6 Implants for upper jaw
6 Implants for lower jaw
8 Multiunits
Temporary Dentures

Package 3 – Nobel Biocare Dental Implant – All on 4 / 5200 EUR

4 Implants for upper jaw
4 Implants for lower jaw
8 Multiunits
Temporary Dentures

Package 4 – Nobel Biocare Dental Implant – All on 6 / 7500 EUR

6 Implants for upper jaw
6 Implants for lower jaw
8 Multiunits
Temporary Dentures

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