worn teeth

Is It Possible to Treat Worn Teeth?

Many patients are exposed to dental abrasions for various reasons. In this article, we would like to start by examining the causes of tooth wear. Finding and eliminating the cause is half the cure.

The answer to the question of why the tooth is eroded seems simple. The first thing that comes to our minds is that people are clenching their teeth more because of the increasingly difficult living conditions and stress. However, this is not the only situation. Our teeth are also significantly eroded by the consumption of acidic foods. Another factor is the height of dental prostheses. Dental prostheses produced with hard materials such as metal or zirconium can wear down the teeth in the opposite jaw.

We have patients who apply to our clinic with teeth that are almost half worn. This situation, together with the loss of an aesthetic appearance, causes pain and sensitivity in the teeth during functional chewing. The pain felt in the teeth with the heat makes the person extremely uncomfortable. It can be cold or hot.

In the treatment of worn teeth, unless all teeth are treated at the same time and occlusion are re-arranged, individual treatments to the teeth are unsuccessful. For this purpose, after a correct determination is made, veneers can be applied to the lower and upper jaw teeth to increase the vertical dimension as much as the amount of worn teeth.

Thanks to this new generation computer-aided aesthetic dental veneers, which will be applied by correcting the errors of the previously made dental veneers, we are able to provide a better chewing efficiency as well as a more beautiful appearance.

For our patients who have pain problems in the jaw joint, we control the pain after increasing the vertical dimension with hard plates. Following the TMJ arrangement, the patient can reach the maximum comfort they can reach with dental veneers applied in the ideal vertical size.

Dental veneers prepared by our dental technicians with the Cad-Cam system give successful results that will be like your natural teeth. In this way, it is possible to achieve the best result with the least abrasion on the teeth.

Before the dental veneers are applied, the root canal treatments and gingival treatments must be completed.

What should be the coating material to be made in case the teeth are worn due to reasons such as clenching and grinding?

Although this question is open to debate, common practice is the use of zirconium-supported dental veneers. When porcelain dental veneers are used, the aesthetic layer on the metal can be broken. This is also seen in zirconium crowns. However, since there is no metal in the substrate, it does not have a bad appearance that attracts attention aesthetically. The color difference, which is one of the most important differences between zirconium and metal, comes to the fore here.

The production of dental veneers with plastic material is also one of the topics discussed. Although the researchers say that plastic teeth can be used in order to prevent the wear of the contralateral teeth, this will cause anatomical inconveniences as the joint position will change due to wear. The use of plastic-based materials has been abandoned in dental veneers for patients who grind their teeth.

Success of Treatments

The quality of the materials used is extremely important for the treatment of worn teeth. When the material has the slightest technical inadequacy, deformations begin to appear in a short time. The main factor in tooth wear is the softening of the hard enamel tissue in the tooth. Forces on the softened layer (such as clenching, grinding or brushing) quickly wear away this softened layer. If there are old fillings made, there is no wear on them.

The recommended treatment is to eliminate the factors that dissolve the enamel layer. In particular, it is recommended to treat reflux, cut acidic foods such as lemon soda cola vinegar, and use a soft toothbrush. Thick granular toothpastes that cause abrasion on the tooth surface should not be used. Appropriate pastes and creams can be recommended for the lost enamel layer to repair itself. You should get information from your dentist about this issue.

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