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Can Implants Be Applied to Those Who Have No Tooth?

At least how many implants are needed for a fixed tooth in patients with no teeth? With dental implants, it has become possible to make implants in patients who have no teeth or have melting in the jawbones, without applying advanced surgical techniques.

One of the biggest advantages of implant treatment is that prosthetic treatment alternatives can be offered up to fixed prosthesis in patients with no teeth. In a patient with no teeth, fixed prosthesis can be used by placing the required amount of implants in the upper and lower jaws. Apart from this, it is possible to ensure that patients using removable prostheses use their prostheses as close to their almost fixed comfort with implant treatment.

Can Implants Be Made in a Non-Toothed Patient?

Our teeth are one of our indispensable organs for our motivation to feed and survive. Apart from our physical needs, it also has important psychological effects in our lives. The more it upsets a patient not to be able to eat due to a dental problem, the more upsetting it will be to not be able to smile for the same reason. For this reason, it is an important issue for everyone to have white, healthy and trouble-free teeth. When some patients decide to have a dental application, especially those with few or no teeth, they may experience various confusions. Words such as implant, root canal treatment, palate may scare them. Knowing the answers to questions such as whether implants can be applied to a patient with no teeth will eliminate this.

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What Are the Implant Options of the Patient Who Has No Tooth?

If a patient who has no teeth in his mouth wants to have an implant, it is possible to talk about the methods that are definitely successful. The success of the method applied varies in direct proportion to the palate structure of the patient and the success of the physician who applies it. As an application option, removable and fixed prosthesis can be used. After the appropriate prosthesis is selected and decided, the patient is prepared for the procedure and the application phase is started.

What is a removable prosthesis?

It is one of the more practical ways to use it in patients with an edentulous lower jaw. Two implants are placed in the lower jaw or upper jaw. Then, after waiting for 4 or 6 weeks, the palate is prepared and attached to the prosthesis. The biggest advantage is that the patient can easily remove and put on these prostheses whenever he wants. Since the implants are supported by the palate, it is not possible to face a problem such as dislodgement while eating. At the end of a single session, the procedure is completed and the patient uses chewing functions. In total, four implants are sufficient.

What is Fixed Prosthesis and How Is It Applied?

In order to apply a fixed prosthesis, it is necessary to have a patient who does not have a single tooth. In order to provide a bridge, 6 implants are made and placed in the patient’s mouth. There is a waiting period of up to 6 weeks. Within two weeks, bridge prostheses based on 14 fixed teeth are made. Then the patient begins to eat and smile again. Thanks to the advancing technology, it is possible to treat even patients who have no teeth anymore and to make their teeth much better than before. Moreover, treatment times are getting shorter and shorter, contrary to popular belief.

High patient satisfaction with dental implants

Dental implants, a real revolution in dental practice; It has taken its place among dentistry treatments by constantly developing and being eaten by both physicians and patients. The treatment, which even physicians approached distantly in the first years, has become a frequently requested application by patients in today’s dentistry. Implant surgery was seen as a dubious alternative treatment in patients in the early years. Our patients were very afraid of this surgery and would run away. However, 10-year patient satisfaction studies show that 95 percent of patients are very satisfied with their implant treatment. Dental implant applications are constantly making progress with intense scientific research.

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