Panoramic x-ray

What is Panoramic X-Ray?

Panoramic x-ray is a radiography technique used to take a wide view of the teeth and jawbones. This x-ray technique is used by the dentist for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of dental and jaw diseases.

Panoramic x-rays provide a wide view, which is necessary in many cases in dentistry, such as determining the exact location of the teeth and planning dental treatment. It is also possible to evaluate the condition of the jawbones and sinuses. Panoramic x-ray covers a wider area than classical x-ray images and is used by the dentist for the early diagnosis and treatment of dental and jaw diseases.

How to Take a Panoramic X-Ray?

It is taken in the dental office and takes only a few minutes. The person is placed in a mouth holder that is placed under the x-ray machine, and the device slowly takes a wide view of the jaw and teeth in one round. Metal items in the mouth can be removed so that the teeth and tongue of the person are not exposed to x-rays. During the panoramic X-ray, guidance is given by the dentist to ensure that the person is comfortable and not disturbed. Results are immediately available and given to the person after interpretation by the dentist.

What are the Advantages of Panoramic X-Ray?

Panoramic x-ray has many advantages:

A wide view: It displays all the teeth and jawbones and allows the dentist to make a full diagnosis of dental and jaw diseases.

Early Diagnosis: It allows the early diagnosis of dental and jaw diseases and thus allows the disease to be treated more easily.

Effective Treatment Plan: It allows the dentist to make the treatment plan more effectively and accurately.

Convenient and Fast: Shooting is easy, fast and comfortable and only takes a few minutes.

Low Level of Radiation: It gives a lower level of radiation compared to other x-ray techniques and does not pose a risk to the health of the person.

Panoramic x-ray is a very useful technique for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of dental and jaw diseases that is frequently used in dentistry.

When Is Panoramic X-Ray Taken?

Panoramic x-ray It is taken to provide a general view of dental and jaw health. This type of X-ray can view all of the teeth and bones in the jaw and reveal conditions such as gums, braces, implants, sinus cavities, and missing teeth. The dentist can use these images to plan treatment or evaluate current treatment. In addition, panoramic x-rays can be taken to follow up the teeth and jaw problems determined by the dentist.

Is Pain Felt During Panoramic X-Rays?

Usually, pain is not felt during withdrawal. You may only feel some pressure or discomfort during operation of the X-ray machine, but this is short-lived and does not cause pain. If you have sensitive teeth or gums, a suitable anesthetic may be recommended by your dentist. Panoramic x-rays are a safe and fast method and provide important information about dental and jaw health.

Is Panoramic X-Ray Harmful?

It is a safe method when used appropriately. X-ray doses are much lower than those delivered by standard x-ray machines used in dentistry and radiology applications. However, continued or excessive intake can be potentially harmful and damage cells in your body. Therefore, panoramic x-rays should be performed only when necessary and between periods determined by the dentist. In addition, a different method may be recommended by the dentist for special situations such as pregnant women or women carrying a baby.

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