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Missing Teeth and Health Problems

Many people have completely lost their broken tooth as a result of caries or blows at some point in their lives. According to studies, most of the people who have reached adulthood have lost at least one tooth for certain reasons.

These losses usually occur as a result of tooth extraction due to caries, and caries mostly occur in the molars at the back of the mouth. For this reason, many people do not care too much about their lost tooth. Especially after the extraction process, when the lost tooth area heals, the individual does not feel the need to replace the lost tooth, as a long-lasting relief occurs. However, tooth loss that occurs in our body can cause serious health problems and many other problems, even if not at first.

Chewing Problems

It was a detail we mentioned in our article that the missing teeth are generally molars. Molars play an important role in grinding food and facilitating digestion. When the mouthful is not grinded well enough by the teeth, the stomach and intestines will have difficulty in other digestive processes, and there will be a situation that may lead to certain digestive diseases. Therefore, the difficulty in chewing caused by the absence of molars can lead to bigger problems in people’s lives. Problems arise in the loss of front teeth, especially in the food to be eaten by biting. There will be problems in consuming products such as wraps and bread crumbs and eating fruits such as apples and pears by biting them. For this reason, wherever the lost tooth is, this tooth must be treated.

Confidence Problem

Individuals may become reluctant to laugh, speak and show their teeth, especially when their missing teeth are in the visible area during smiling. Those who have dental problems (calculus problems, those who use braces, those with bad teeth, etc.) have a serious self-confidence problem when laughing and talking. You can easily notice that these people are looking down trying to close their lips while smiling, or avoiding positions where the teeth will show when they speak. People who have lost their teeth will also begin to experience such a self-confidence problem over time if this tooth is in a visible area.

Problems Occurring in Teeth Next to the Missing Tooth

Zirconium Crowns 09The biggest problem of not removing the tooth loss is perhaps the problems that will arise in other teeth in contact. The first of these is the decay that will occur around the lost tooth area. The space created by the tooth will be more contaminated when eating or drinking than the areas with teeth. Food escaping here will go unnoticed and this will cause serious oral pollution. Therefore, it is more likely that the teeth around the cavity formed as a result of tooth loss will be lost due to decay.

Teeth are not static structures as we think. They also change over time, and they adapt to conditions, just like our whole body. For this reason, when tooth loss occurs in one area, the proportion of other teeth will also change. The tooth above the missing tooth will begin to droop and grow over time, as there is no fixed tooth holding it in place and that gap needs to be filled.

This will result in sensitivity problems and discomfort during dental use over time. At the same time, the teeth on the side will want to compensate for the missing tooth. Especially the losses in the molars will cause the cavity to shift from the right-angle axis made by the teeth on the sides with the bone and take on a trapezoidal shape, inclining towards the cavity. It is the whole of these teeth that keeps the molars next to the missing tooth stable. But the void will not do the same.

If the treatment of the tooth is delayed, this results in the formation of deformities of the other teeth and the difficulty of treatment due to the deformation of the existing tooth space.

The permanent solution to tooth loss is implant treatment. The longer this treatment is delayed, the more arduous and difficult it becomes.

If you care about your health, you should have your missing teeth done without delay.

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