Affordable Dentistry and Dental Treatments in Turkey

Affordable Dentistry and Dental Treatments in Turkey

Having teeth in Turkey is a situation that attracts the attention of many tourists, including local citizens. The high level of dental education and advantages such as dental price have a significant effect on this.

Long-lasting materials are used in dental treatments in Turkey and the satisfaction level of the patients is high. Implant prices are lower than most European countries. Many people prefer Turkey to get rid of their dental problems.

Getting a tooth done in Turkey

Turkey is considered to be one of the best countries, especially in dental implant treatments. It is home to the best dentists in the world. Most dental clinics are quite modern. Patients are extremely satisfied with the service they receive.

Having teeth in Turkey is more advantageous than in other countries. The reason for this is his success in training dentists. However, the most important factor affecting the majority of patients is that the prices are affordable compared to abroad.

When you make a comparison of dental treatment between England and Turkey, you can see that the price difference has reached serious dimensions. Even in line with standard treatments, getting a tooth done in Turkey is 60-70% cheaper than in England.

Is it risky to have dental treatment in Turkey?

Having dental treatment in Turkey carries risks similar to those in other countries. Especially when you prefer places that seem overpriced, you may encounter quality problems. You may encounter problems such as the quality of the implant applied, the lack of a certified product, the dental technicians not using quality porcelain or zirconium materials during the process of making teeth, and the physicians who perform the application do not have enough knowledge and experience.

If you want to have a tooth done in Turkey, your first choice should be Antalya and other big cities. Thus, you have easy access to all alternatives. You can compare the prices and critical information given by the dentists.

You should pay attention to the prices of materials such as dental implants. None of the professional dentists will come to you with a price offer lower than the material price. If you are not careful, you may be faced with the use of fake dental implants.

How does the dental treatment process progress in Turkey?

If you have decided to have a tooth done in Turkey, you should know that the treatment process will differ according to the dentist. However, the dental treatment processes followed by dentists who do their job in a quality way are similar to each other.

Meeting phase: If you have decided to have dental treatment in Turkey, you should decide on the dentist you want to receive service from and contact him. If you have any X-ray records, you should present them to the dentist.

Planning phase: After your x-ray record and treatment history are examined, a suitable pre-planning is made for you. The dentist examines your tooth structure in detail. You will have clear information about your treatment process.

Treatment phase: You will be able to get information from your dentist during your treatment process. After the treatment plan that is deemed appropriate for your oral health is created, the implementation phase begins. You must comply with all the recommendations of your dentist.

Recovery time: When dental treatment is applied, a period of time is required for your teeth to heal. The healing times of treatments such as root canal treatment, dental crown or dental implant are different from each other. You should not disrupt the controls throughout the process.

Final control: After periodic controls, it is decided at the last control whether your teeth are healthy or not. For example, if a dental implant has been applied, your dentist will confirm that everything is fine with the final check.

Before the specified treatment process begins, you are informed about prices, price alternatives, possible problems and possible solutions. In addition, you may encounter opportunities such as a lifetime warranty in dental implant applications.

The most common Dental Treatments in Turkey

There are five common dental treatment methods you can apply when you want to have a tooth in Turkey. If you have a problem with your tooth, the probability of finding a solution with common treatments is quite high. Your dentist will guide you after making the appropriate diagnosis.

Dental fillings

Dental fillings are one of the best methods used in the treatment of caries. In some cases, they may be involved in repairing broken teeth. When the patient says that he is in constant pain, the dentist first checks for gaps, cracks and caries.

Dental check-ups in Turkey are carried out using highly advanced techniques. The condition of the teeth is learned by using X-ray records. When the dentist decides that a filling should be made, the patient only has to choose the type of filling.

Dental implants

A dental implant is the best way to complete missing teeth. A minor surgical operation is performed in the patient’s mouth to place the dental implant.

If you want to have dental implants in Turkey, you can find many experienced dentists. You can receive different treatment services, including dental implants, on the same day. Thanks to the dental implant, the patient gets permanent artificial teeth.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are used to repair teeth that have been severely damaged for certain reasons. Tooth repair is almost the only option to save a damaged tooth from being extracted. In some cases, they are used during cosmetic interventions.

Tooth extractions

Tooth extractions are among the most basic procedures of dentists. If a tooth is in such a bad condition that it cannot be saved, it is decided to have it extracted. In addition, teeth that want to erupt but fail to come out of the gum can be extracted.

When you want to have a tooth extraction in Turkey, you can find many dentists to choose from. However, correct intervention is important in tooth extraction. It should be the priority of the dentist to ensure the least damage to the gums.

Dental health is one of the most important factors affecting the general health of a person. You cannot easily ignore the discomfort in the mouth area. In order to find a solution to your problem, you should choose the right dentist.

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