Dental Veneer Packages

Holiday packages with coating are applied in a very professional way in Turkey. With the treatment packages combined under the name of dental tourism, you will be able to find alternatives to evaluate your spare time as well as excellent dentistry.

If you want to have your smile done with turkey veneers packages, Antalya will be a great option for you. In addition, you will get serious savings from the expenses you will make for the coating treatment.

If you want to get more information about the Turkey coating holiday package, our consultants will give you detailed information about your treatment.

Why should I choose Turkey Veneers Package?

Since dental treatments have very high prices in many countries of the world, many patients choose dental centers in Turkey for dental treatments. While getting a comfortable dental treatment service, we also offer dental treatment packages where you can visit the unique beauties of Antalya.

All you have to do is to arrange your flights, all the rest of the services will be managed by our consultants who provide special services for you.

Your dental treatment, which starts with the online consultation process, starts with the determination of the appropriate dates after the treatment package options determined for you. Depending on the packages selected, your treatment will be completed in one visit or you may have to come to our country more than once for some of your treatments.

From the moment your flight ticket arrives to us, our consultants;

  • Prepares appointment dates for you and presents your weekly schedule. In this way, you will know the hours you will spend in the clinic and the hours you can visit.
  • As soon as you arrive at Antalya Airport, our driver will be waiting for you with your name in hand and will drop you off at your hotel, which is included in your package.
  • Our driver will pick you up from your hotel 15 minutes before your appointment time and bring you to your clinic for the first consultation.
  • During your treatment, our clinic vehicle will pick you up and drop you back to your hotel. During this whole process, your consultant assigned to you will also provide information about every stage of your treatment.

Would you like to watch a quick video on how dental packages received at Dental Clinic Turkey are handled?

You will be free on certain days during your treatment. Therefore, while your dental treatment continues, you will have enough time to explore the beauties, magnificent beaches and ancient places of Antalya.

What are the advantages of Veneers Turkey Package?

Turkey Veneer Holiday Packages have many advantages. Especially the coating package is the best option for our guests coming from abroad. This is because you will not have any problems to worry about in planning treatment and visits.

Dental veneer packages provide the following free services for our guests:

  • Panoramic X-Ray
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Temporary Crowns
  • Airport-Hotel-Clinic Transfers
  • Consultation
  • Medicines
  • 5 days for one visit

Why is a dental holiday popular in Turkey?

Dental Tourism has been prepared as a great opportunity to get dental treatment at an affordable price. For this reason, patients who want to come from abroad for dental treatment try to search for the country that will provide the most suitable and highest quality service for them. Dental treatments in Turkey also allow you to have a perfect holiday by enjoying the touristic places. Turkish hospitality is known in many parts of the world and Turkish cuisine is also famous for its magnificent tastes. This is why our country is so popular and preferable among foreign patients.

If you want to combine your holiday with dental treatment, we will help you do it together with our team.

How long does a dental veneer holiday package last in Turkey?

The online consultation process is important when determining the duration of your dental holiday. For this reason, our consultants will inform you about the suitable package at the end of the meeting. The ideal time for veneer treatment is 5 full days. You will have a perfect smile at the end of just one week!

Getting cheaper dental veneers in Turkey

We believe your reason for traveling to Turkey is to get the same high quality dental standards for less. At this point, the main question is the “pay less” part. While you want to pay less, you shouldn’t have to work with clinics that compromise on quality. There are places in our country where we all have bad experiences and which do not comply with quality and hygiene standards. Please; Work with the right and accredited clinics for your veneers. Request information about clinics and physicians before treatment. Have your veneers done by experienced dentists who are experts in their field. There is good service as everywhere else in the world and there is substandard service.

Which dental center is better? How should I choose my dental center in Turkey?

Looking for a smile design or cheaper dental veneers in Turkey? Confused by so many dental center options? We understand you; Choosing your dental center in Turkey is a difficult decision. Especially when it comes to your health, it is always difficult to make a decision when there are several candidates.

Dental veneers are in irreversible treatments. For this reason, before the treatment, you should talk to your doctor about the details of the treatment you received and its suitability for you. Dental crowns and veneers require shaving from the tooth surface, so you should study all the details. Question every detail before making your final choice so that you can make the best decision.

The offered dental treatment package may seem exciting at first glance, but “repeat your future for dental treatment” and focus only on the dental treatment part.

Big and luxurious buildings, luxury cars, city trips or free Spa tickets. None of this will matter on the outcome of your dental treatment.

Have you questioned the quality of the equipment and materials in the clinics you interviewed?

It is important to know the quality of their equipment and materials to ensure they are safe for use. All of our products and brands are FDA-approved.

For example, all dental implants are covered by a lifetime international warranty. In particular, we give the certificates of the implants we use in our clinic to our patients. The reason for this is that when you cannot come to Turkey, the dentist from anywhere in the world should be able to process the implant applied to you.

Our main goal is to provide you with a comfortable and transparent dental treatment experience with our boutique vip clinic located in the middle of Antalya. All we ask is that you always remember us with good memories and a great smile.

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