turkey teeth

‘’Turkey Teeth’’, is a colloquial term that used for many patients travelling to Turkey for dental treatments, with reference to practices in our country.

This trend has become increasingly popular due to high quality of dental care provided at much lower costs, compared to many of Western Country. Making the decision to receive treatment in another country is as serious a decision as deciding to go from one country to another for a treatment.

Do you also want to receive a Dental Treatment in Turkey? However, if you have concerns about treatments and processes, there are some important points to consider.

Procedures such as dental implants, crowns, veneers, and teeth whitening treatments, which are among the leading dental treatments in Turkey, compared to many European countries, it is 50% to 70% more affordable, and that makes Turkey a popular tourism destination in terms of dentistry.

  1. Dental Implants

Full Mouth Implants and Zirconium CrownsDental implant treatments are among the most frequently performed procedures in Turkey. Costs vary between 350 EUR and 900 EUR for one tooth implant. However, in Turkey, many implant brands and many clinics offer you different options. Regarding which implants brand you should choose, before  the prices, there are different questions you need to ask.

First of all, the implant you choose must be known in your own country in case of any problems. This is because there is an implant key that works with every implant used. If your dentists in your country wants to perform a procedure, regarding your implant or your crown on implant, they must have this implant key.

You should definitely ask for your implant certificate. In the future, your dentist will definitely need brand information, when a procedure involving that implant needs to be performed.

As the Dental Clinic Turkey team, all the implants we use in our clinic are CE Certified and known in Europe. After the implant treatment procedure, all epicrisis information and your implant certificates are delivered to you.

  1. Clinic and Equipment

It is important that the hygiene standards applied in the clinic you choose are high, therefore; you should make sure that the sterilization procedures are meticulously applied. And using modern and new dental treatment materials which is used in clinic, supplies for you more comfortable and safer treatment process.

As Dental Clinic Turkey team, all the materials we use in our clinic are of German quality, and the porcelains we use in our laboratory are of German brand.

  1. Treatment Process

Dental treatments process may vary depending on the type of treatment and the patient’s dental health. A well-designed treatment plan leads to sustained long-term treatment success. Therefore, while your detailed consultation with your dentists, you should share every kind of information with them. You should clarify all issues such as which treatment will be applied, how long the treatment process will last, treatment costs, and whether there will be additional costs. If you had health condition from the past, you should definitely talk about it with your dentists.

Dental treatment in Turkey, starts with the first examination to acquire information about the  dental health condition of the patient. At this stage, x-rays are taken, and the dentist listens to the patient’s complaints. oral health, condition of teeth, gums and jawbone of the patient are examined.

According to examination, the dentist creates a treatment plan which is suitable for the require of patient. And this treatment plan is included the procedures to be performed, treatment duration and cost. The treatment options and the process are given to the patient with detailed information.

This process is personalized according to the patient’s needs and the procedures to be performed. To get more detailed information about dental treatment, it is important to contact relevant clinics and make an appointment with specialist physicians.

You can have a detailed consultation with the Dental Clinic Turkey team before dental treatment. In order to get an accurate treatment planning, you can make an X-ray appointment at contracted CT Centres in 8 different regions in the UK. Additionally, we will be waiting for you in our consultation office for our patients who are in Germany, Neuss and want to meet us.

  1. Cost and Insurance

Dental treatment costs in Turkey may vary from clinic to clinic. You should do price research and evaluate options that fit your budget without giving up with quality.

You should check whether dental treatments are covered by insurance. If you have private health insurance, find out which treatments are covered with that.

  1. Communication and Comfort

It is important to have open and comfortable communication with your dentist. Do not hesitate to ask your expectations, concerns, and any questions you may have. All our doctors in our clinic can speak English. In addition to English, we have translators in German, French, Russian and Arabic.

Turkey has made great progress in dental treatments in recent years and has become a popular destination, especially for foreign patients. Especially thanks to its climate, Antalya is among the prominent centres in dental treatments.

It has become possible thanks to modern clinics offering high quality services and affordable price options in Turkey.

Advantages of Receiving Dental Treatments in Turkey

Affordable Prices: Dental treatments in Turkey are offered much more affordable prices compared to Europe and America.

Quality Services: Dental clinics in Turkey, serves with latest technology devices and highly trained dentists.

Short Wait Times: Making an appointment at dental clinics in Turkey is generally quick and easy.

Touristic Opportunities: During the process of treatment, there is also the opportunity to explore historical and touristic places of Turkey.