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Antalya Dental Tourism

The country that makes quality accessible to everyone; Dental Treatment in Turkey

Antalya is one of the most developed tourism cities in Turkey and is at a very advanced point in the health sector. Antalya, which is in a very important position in terms of dental tourism, is one of the cities visited by many patients from foreign countries. While our clinic accepts many patients from all over the world, it is also the first choice point for our other patients.

Why Turkey Should Be Preferred for Dental Treatment?

Antalya hosts over one million health tourists every year, most of which are dental tourists. The number of patients coming to Turkey is constantly increasing, thanks to dental tourism, which has become increasingly widespread and has received much more demand in the last 10 years.

Reasons for Preferring Turkey in Dental Treatment

Turkey is a country that provides services at European standards, thanks to its technology in dentistry and the quality service approach it has adopted.

It has expert and experienced health personnel in the field.

Especially the city of Antalya is number one among the cities preferred for dental tourism. The reason for this is that it has an extremely rich cultural heritage in terms of climate, nature and tourism.

The main reason why Turkey is preferred in dental tourism compared to European countries is that it can offer dental treatments at both high quality and affordable prices.

Dental Tourism Prices in Turkey and Antalya

Turkey provides an advantage in terms of price in the field of dental tourism, as in many other areas. It not only offers affordable dental treatment services, but also offers a wonderful holiday service to all its guests who want to spend their holidays in this beautiful city.

As Dental Clinic Turkey, our aim is to provide quality and comfortable services that you can trust in your dental treatments, combining a very enjoyable holiday with a beautiful smile from our country.

In the dental treatments we have been serving for a long time, we are known both in the country and abroad with our affordable, quality services and our expert dentist staff.

Popular Treatments Offered to People Who Prefer Dental Tourism in Antalya

Many different health services are also offered for those who come abroad within the scope of dental tourism. We can list the most preferred services in our country as follows:

Aesthetic tooth filling operations, Teeth whitening, Dental Implant, Orthodontics, Aesthetic lamina, Dental spa, Digital smile design, Dental prostheses, Porcelen Veneer

With our dental tourism and treatment services we offer compared to European countries, we bring you together with quality at an affordable price. You can contact us to get information about the VIP service process and treatments we offer you with our expert dentist staff.

Why Choose Antalya in Dental Tourism?

There is a vacation option for everyone. Antalya; With its unique natural beauties, blue flag beaches, luxury hotels, beaches along the coast, it is among the prominent holiday resorts both in Turkey and in the world. It can be visited in all seasons, especially due to its climate. You can swim in Antalya even in December. At this point, Antalya stands out with its dental tourism, allowing its visitors to have an unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Tourism in Turkey

How can I make an appointment with your clinic?

You can reach us directly by phone, e-mail, live chat or whatsapp. You can call us from our contact numbers or fill out the form on our site in line with your special needs and send it to us.

Will my family accompany me during my treatment? Where can they stay?

When making an appointment with us, please inform us about this. Ask about special discounted hotel reservations and transfer opportunities.

I can not speak Turkish. How can you help me?

Our doctors and staff speak fluent English. We have patient consent and information forms in your language or in English. In addition to this, we also have staff who speak German, French and Russian in our clinic.

How will I come to Turkey for Dental Treatment?

Coming to Turkey is quite easy. Turkish Airlines (THY) has direct flights from many international airports. For detailed information about Turkish Airlines’ flight schedules, visit www.thy.com. In addition, Corendon Airlines has direct flights to Antalya at very affordable prices. For detailed information about Corendon Airlines’ flight schedules, visit www.corendonairlines.com

Is your clinic authorized for Health Tourism?

Our clinic, T.C. It is authorized by the Ministry of Health on Health Tourism. Our clinic has the Health Tourism Authorization Certificate.

In particular, if I need to be in Turkey frequently during the diagnosis and follow-up processes of my treatment, should I get a visa every time?

For multiple entries, please apply to the Turkish Embassy in your country in advance to learn about the details. Your application will also be supported by documents to be provided by us stating the planned duration of treatment.

What documents should I send you?

We request that you provide us with all relevant information about your medical condition, including X-rays, test results, your medical and dental history and records, and any medications you are currently using.

What information should I provide when making a dental appointment?

We kindly ask you to let us know your name and surname, your residence address, date of birth, a brief summary of your problem and your preferred appointment date, as written in your passport.

Can I get treatment at your clinic without an appointment?

In order to avoid delays and conflicts, we recommend that you make an appointment before you arrive. Our professional team will inform you about treatment costs, payment options, local excursions, visa procedures, guidance services and correspondence with international insurance companies. In line with your request, they will make the necessary arrangements for your diagnosis and treatment.

Could you inform me about your sterilization processes?

In the current technological situation, the best sterilization method in dentistry is autoclave sterilization. The quality and effectiveness of this process may vary between autoclave brands and models. Our sterilization processes include ultrasonic pre-cleaning and autoclave sterilization. All the devices we use in this process fully comply with the European Union EN13060 norms.