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Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile has been a very popular topic in recent years. In fact, the subject first emerged with the attention that celebrities in America have shown to their teeth. Teeth have become more popular as celebrities prioritize their teeth and feel the need for a beautiful appearance.

In daily life, the face, mouth and smile are effective on the basis of a person’s correct, positive and aesthetic expression. In this direction, people who are not happy with the appearance of their teeth and gums apply to dental aesthetic applications. Today, the Hollywood Smile look can be achieved with all the applications planned for the needs of the person.

What is Hollywood Smile?

With this application, which basically aims to have the smile of Hollywood stars, the lips, teeth and gums appear flawlessly as a whole.

An attractive tooth structure, which is a must for a beautiful face, has become the center of attention of all the stars. We dentists were able to design very assertive smiles by improving ourselves and using technology. Hollywood smile is the process of creating a beautiful smile by designing the most suitable and ostentatious teeth according to the person’s face.

How to Make Hollywood Smile

Prosthetic DentistryMost of the time, the Hollywood smile is not just a single process and is completed with several different stages. Before starting these stages, the patient must be examined in detail. Because with the examination, it is possible to determine which processes are needed. It also becomes possible to detect existing problems. If there are problems such as gum diseases or tooth decay, the necessary treatment planning is carried out. It is also possible to eliminate symmetry disorders in the teeth.

Sometimes there may be a missing tooth problem, and in such cases, dental implant applications come into play.

After all the problems are resolved, the necessary steps can be taken to have an aesthetic and beautiful smile. The procedures to be applied for each patient may vary. It is not possible to comply with a certain standard in this smile design because the needs of the patients are not the same. Anesthesia is not applied when it comes to procedures performed without any pain. However, if procedures such as removing a significant amount of material from the implant or tooth are required, the area is anesthetized with anesthesia.

What are Hollywood Smile Transactions?

As we mentioned above, we cannot say that the procedures performed within the scope of Hollywood smile are the same for every patient. The needs are determined and the processes that will meet these needs are planned one by one. Therefore, the interventions may differ from person to person. However, we can give you a short list of the most frequently preferred transactions:

Porcelain Veneer & Porcelain Crown

We can say that porcelain veneer application is mostly needed because it gives a much more aesthetic appearance to the smile. Within the scope of this application, a very slight abrasion of tooth surfaces is ensured. Leaf porcelain veneer is applied to the front parts of the teeth. Thus, a whiter, smoother and much brighter tooth appearance is achieved. This tooth appearance also makes a serious contribution to smile aesthetics. In the meantime, porcelain veneers can also make problems such as gaping, slightly crooked or small Teeth, invisible. It is also a procedure applied in cases where the natural color of the teeth is very yellow. Porcelain veneer offers a natural appearance due to its high light transmittance. There is no color change over time and it is a preferred process in this respect.

Teeth Whitening

One of the biggest factors in making the smiles of Hollywood stars so beautiful is white teeth. As a result, teeth whitening is also needed to make the teeth appear whiter. This is not a step that should be performed for every patient. If the teeth have ideal whiteness, the teeth whitening phase is not applied.

Implant Treatment

Having a missing tooth in the mouth also prevents the perfect smile. One of the most important solutions that can be preferred to eliminate the problem of missing teeth is implant treatment. Implementation of implant treatment is important to obtain both an aesthetic smile and a symmetrical tooth alignment.

How Much Do Hollywood Smile Prices Cost?

Those who want to have a more beautiful smile may wonder how much budget they should allocate for Hollywood Smile. It is not possible to give a clear answer to this question. The procedures to be performed in the realization of the smile design may vary from person to person. This does not make it possible for the prices to be the same for every patient.

By making an appointment or by going through a simple examination through online consultation, the procedures to be performed for you are determined, and then a clear information can be sent to you by calculating the price.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Hollywood Smile?

Especially our patients coming from abroad wonder how much time they should spare for Hollywood Smile. If various problems such as gum diseases, missing teeth, tooth decay are not present, the procedures are completed in a short time. However, if some problems need to be resolved beforehand, in this case, patients should allocate more time. According to your treatment plan, you will be informed about the time you will arrive after the preliminary consultation. This period varies between 5 and 10 days on average.

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