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What is General Anesthesia in Dentistry?

Dental treatment with general anesthesia  is the name given to getting ready for surgery in the state of complete sleep by administering intravenous drugs and gas. General anesthesia is an application that should be done in hospital conditions.

What is Sedation Anesthesia?

Sedation anesthesia is a procedure performed by anesthesiologists with sedatives given intravenously. The purpose of sedation anesthesia is to eliminate the anxiety, fear, nausea and pain that may arise. The patient does not sleep during the procedure and follows the given commands. However, the patient does not remember the content of the procedure after the treatment. In some patients, it has been observed that dentist phobia disappears after sedation anesthesia.

What is the Difference Between Sedation and General Anesthesia?

During the sedation process, the patient continues to breathe normally and can fulfill the given commands, albeit slightly. However, in general anesthesia, breathing is provided by intubation . Intubation is the process of ensuring that the patient breathes with the help of special apparatus to protect the airway in case of risk of deterioration of the respiratory tract.

In Which situations Dental with General Anesthesia is preferred ? Is it acceptable ?

  • If the patient has a dental phobia that cannot be overcome by talking,
  • If there is a mental disability that cannot allow the physician to work,
  • If the child or adult is sick, where too much work will be done at once.
  • If the patient is using blood thinners,
  • If major surgery will be performed where local anesthesia will not be sufficient (jaw fractures, large cysts, etc.)
  • If the patient is a patient for whom treatment with general anesthesia is more appropriate due to various health problems,
  • If the patient is allergic to local anesthetics,
  • General anesthesia is preferred in cases where there are patients who want to finish the long dental treatment in a single session.

How Long Does Dental Treatment Take With General Anesthesia?

This situation varies according to the patient who will be given general anesthesia and which procedure will be applied. If it is necessary to determine an hour interval, dental treatments with general anesthesia take 1-3 hours on average.

In Which Situations Is General Anesthesia Not Applied in Dentistry?

General anesthesia in dentistry is not applied in conditions where anesthesia cannot be applied in the general health condition of the patient. Be sure to consult your doctor about the feasibility of your dental treatments under general anesthesia.

What are the Advantages of General Anesthesia in Dentistry?

With the help of general anesthesia in dental treatments, major operations are performed much more comfortably in terms of patient comfort. In long-term operations, even if the operation area is numb, pain may occur in the jaw joints as a result of keeping the mouth open for a long time. This situation creates discomfort for the patient. Such problems are not observed in general anesthesia because the patient is in full sleep.

Problems that may occur in patients with systemic problems can be corrected by giving the necessary drugs, since the vascular access is open.

What Should Be Considered After General Anesthesia?

The patient, who has been given general anesthesia, should be kept under observation for a few hours after waking up. It is very important for the patient’s dental health that the patient comes to the controls regularly.

How Much Are the Prices of Surgery in Dentistry?

In order to determine the price of surgery in dental treatments, the patient’s oral and dental examination should be done. Treatment prices vary according to the clinic where the treatment is applied, the experience of the doctor and the needs of the patient.

Which dental treatments are performed under general anesthesia?

Under general anesthesia;

  • Fillings
  • Root canal treatment
  • Tooth extraction
  • Impacted tooth extraction
  • Dental Implant

such as dental treatments.

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