Dental Veneer in Turkey

Dental Veneer Treatment in Turkey

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a problem-free mouth, but having a problem-free mouth is not impossible either. Dental Clinic Turkey is ready to help people who need some correction in their mouth and who are looking for a solution for their dental problems.

What is Dental Veneer (Dental Crown)?

Dental veneers are very popular around the world for many different uses. Tooth veneer is a tooth-shaped material that is placed on the tooth to improve the shape, size, durability and appearance of the tooth.

The purpose of dental veneers is to heal, strengthen and cover the tooth. Dental veneer treatment can be performed for many different purposes. In the absence of adequate dental support, these purposes include correcting a large filling, preventing breakage or decay of weak teeth, covering the implant, applying dental bridge treatment, covering misshapen or discolored teeth.

The most common treatments for dental crowns are dental bridge treatment and implant treatment. In some cases, a dental bridge is necessary for the appearance, health, and function of your jawline and teeth. In this treatment, each tooth is designed to complement the other.

When a tooth is missing in the mouth, this damages oral health. When more than one tooth is missing in the mouth, this abnormal condition causes the gums to recede, making the teeth more prone to decay. A dental bridge is needed to prevent this situation and to protect the teeth from this situation.

Dental veneers are made of different materials such as all-metal, metal-supported porcelain and all-porcelain. Today, the most preferred types of veneers are metal-supported porcelain and all-porcelain dental veneers. The difference between metal-supported porcelain and all-porcelain dental veneers is that all-porcelain veneers look more aesthetic.

Your dentist will decide on the type of dental veneer that is suitable for you after examining your dental health, number of teeth, tooth color, briefly your general oral health. The type of dental veneer that is right for you will be decided by considering function and appearance.

Dental Veneer Treatment in Turkey

Dental veneer treatment is among the most frequently performed dental operations worldwide. By using the latest technology and providing the highest standards of service, Turkey has become a very successful country in dental treatments.

Thanks to its professional team and affordable prices, Dental Clinic Turkey is suitable for people who are looking for a solution outside their own country to have a healthy mouth and is one of the most successful and reliable medical tourism companies in Turkey.

We offer you professional care and reasonable prices to reach a healthy mouth in Turkey, and help you have a comfortable travel. You can solve your accommodation, transfer and communication problems before coming to Turkey. Dental Clinic Turkey works diligently to assist you in these matters.

Dental veneer treatment consists of at least two sessions. The number of sessions depends on the patient and whether dental bridge, implant treatment and other similar treatments are added. Your treatment begins with a free consultation. In the consultation, your dentist will examine your mouth and inform you about your general oral condition and the treatments you need.

In the first session, your dentist will thoroughly clean your mouth, reshape the teeth where the veneers will be placed, and take your dental impression to prepare the veneers. Temporary teeth are placed in your mouth so that you do not experience difficulties during the waiting period.

If you do not need any other treatment, in the next session, your dentist will test the newly prepared dental veneers in your mouth and check the color, size and appearance. With your approval, dental veneers are permanently placed on your teeth.

After your dental veneer treatment is finished, you will have a final checkup. This meeting is very important in terms of what you should do for your teeth after you return home. At the checkup, your dentist will give you detailed information about your veneers and their care.

Care After Dental Veneer Treatment

Daily care and routine dental check-ups will be sufficient for post-treatment care. For daily care, regular brushing, flossing, and cleaning with mouthwashes should be applied as you would your normal teeth.

Advantages of Dental Veneer Treatment in Turkey with Dental Clinic Turkey

  • General dental treatment
  • Professional dentists trained in the best universities in their field
  • Free x-ray
  • Best price guarantee
  • Private airport transfers
  • Special group discounts
  • Personal host available 24 hours a day during your stay
  • Special discounts for free accommodation or discounted accommodation
  • High self-confidence
  • Healthy mouth
  • The smile in your dreams
  • Teeth that look and feel natural

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Dental Veneer Treatment Prices in Turkey

It is very common to have weak teeth, but it often takes a fortune to deal with it. Here Turkey is the right choice at this point. Turkey is one of the most successful countries you can choose for dental treatments, with affordable dental veneer treatment prices. As Dental Clinic Turkey, we care about you and your financial situation. We offer you all-inclusive packages that include accommodation, transfers, personal treatment plan and personal host, helping you to have your dental veneer treatment at affordable prices and with a hassle-free travel.

All Inclusive Dental Treatment Packages

Dental Clinic Turkey is happy to help you have a good and comfortable trip in Antalya. Here are our service details and additional services that you can benefit from:

Dental Treatment

Dental Clinic Turkey is happy to help you solve your oral problems. You will have a successful dental treatment process in Antalya, Turkey’s corner of paradise.

Special Group Discounts

Does your friend also have dental problems? Then come together and take advantage of Dental Clinic Turkey’s special group discounts. Be better together.

Free X-Ray

You will be provided with free x-rays during your treatment in our clinic.

Best Price Guaranteed

Normally dental treatments are worth a fortune, but not with Dental Clinic Turkey. Dental Clinic Turkey tries to offer you the best possible price for your dental treatments.

Private Airport Transfers

If you wish, we can arrange all transfers for you during your trip. Dental Clinic Turkey team is ready to provide you with a transfer for a hassle-free travel.

Personal Host Available 24 Hours During Your Stay

You are never alone. Dental Clinic Turkey provides you with a personal host where you can be reached 24 hours a day during your stay. Thus, you do not worry about potential communication problems that you may experience, and you only focus on your treatment.

Free Stay or Special Discounts for Accommodation

While you are having dental implant or full mouth dental treatment, you can benefit from very special discounts or stay in comfortable hotels for free according to your treatment packages.

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