Pink Aesthetics

Benefits of Pink Aesthetics

The gingiva is as important as the visible tooth. Here, aesthetic touches to the gingiva and bringing the gingiva to its ideal and healthy form are called pink aesthetics. There is no harm when the procedures are carried out by experts in a completely professional manner.

Who Is Pink Aesthetic Applied?

All of the procedures to be applied by specialist dentists are organized to cover the preferences of the person, oral and dental health and demands. After the pink aesthetic applied to the gums, if you wish, your teeth can be whiter than ever before with a very small intervention with dental lamina application. Laminate application can also be done as a single procedure, or you can participate in laser teeth whitening sessions.

In this type of tooth and gum treatment applications and before pink aesthetics, the compatibility of the person’s mouth structure with this, the potential results and ideal appearance are taken into consideration.

Pink aesthetics can be done in the following cases.

  • Those with more gums
  • Those with very few gums
  • Different upper and lower gingival levels
  • Those with asymmetrical gingival appearance
  • Those who suffer from gingivitis

In such cases, it is not possible for the person to have an aesthetic smile. The appearance of the gums, their absence, the appearance of an asymmetrical appearance, or the appearance of various inflammations and related complications may affect the self-confidence of the person.

Pink Aesthetic Application Methods

There are several different techniques applied for pink aesthetics, known as gingival aesthetics. Depending on the patient’s teeth and gingival structure, the treatment needed and the demands submitted for the results to be obtained, the most appropriate treatment method is determined and applied.

  • Gingivectomy

You must have come across people whose palates, that is, gums, look too much, apart from their teeth, while smiling. This can lead to an aesthetic appearance that bothers most people. Therefore, it is a form of treatment that allows people to prevent the problem of gingival enlargement and to get rid of excess gingiva. It is also applied for asymmetrical gums.

  • Regenerative

Regenerative is a term used in many branches. Self-repair of gums, which have been damaged and tissue damaged due to gingivitis or various diseases, is provided. The body immediately takes action in such deformations and shows signs of recovery.

  • Gingivoplasty

It is a form of treatment based on a similar technique to gingivectomy and targeting the more visible parts of the gums. However, the main difference between gingivectomy and gingivoplasty is that a more ideal level is achieved with gingival pockets.

  • Crown Lengthening Treatment

By completely recreating both the structure of the gum and the bone structure, a more aesthetic appearance is achieved. This is an application that lengthens the teeth and eliminates the difference in symmetry.

What Are The Benefits Of Good Aesthetic?

One of the most important advantages of pink aesthetics is that it is a completely painless application. However, on the other hand, we cannot pass without mentioning the following details.

  • Prevents and treats inflammations that occur or will occur in the gingiva
  • Provides healing of gingival tissues
  • It prevents possible tooth loss.
  • You get healthier teeth with healthier gums
  • A more symmetrical and aesthetic smile emerges as the length of the teeth can be adjusted.

It should be said that the average pink aesthetic recovery period is between 1 and 7 days. So it is possible to continue your life from where you left off.

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