Nous fournissons un soutien dans de nombreux traitements dentaires différents

dental implant

Implants dentaires

Qu'est-ce qu'un implant dentaire? Quelles sont les options de traitement implantaire ? Informations sur les prix des implants dentaires en Turquie
zirconium performance

Couronnes en zircone

Informations sur la conception du sourire, la durée de vie des couronnes en zircone, la dentisterie esthétique en Turquie.
emax performance

Facettes en porcelaine

Utilisations, procédure et plus encore du facette en porcelaine. Combien coûte un ensemble complet de facettes?
hollywood smile in turkey

Conception du sourire

Aimeriez-vous voir un sourire magnifique sur le visage quand vous regardez dans le miroir?
teeth whitening bleaching

Blanchiment dentaire

Le blanchiment dentaire (blanchiment des dents) est le moyen le plus simple de blanchir les dents. Juste, seulement 1 heure est suffisant.
dental bonding

All on 6 Implantaten

All on 6 wird bei mehrfachem Zahnverlust angewendet, indem 6 Implantate am selben Tag gesetzt und dann an der Prothese befestigt werden.


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Was visiting Antalya when I had some very bad nerve pain in one of my molars, called them first thing Monday morning and they had me in the chair by 5pm that day! Gave me a root canal and fixed all of my pain, so grateful. Thank you so much!

Curtis Hansen

Really fantastic clinic from start to finish made me feel comfortable and happy all staff are 10/10 and the final outcome was amazing im super happy with my smile these are professional people.. thank you so much.

Mark Hoggins

I came over from Philadelphia and the process was extremely smooth from the online consultation to completion! The staff was very friendly and the dentist had extreme attention to detail. You already know how cost effective it was compared to the US and the results are life changing. Don’t hesitate to get a new smile with them. During the week I explored Antalya and its beauty and left with a perfect smile. You can’t beat that!

Vincent Shockley